Bendigo is home to some of Australia's favorite wildlife including kangaroos, koalas, owls and colourful native parrots. You will also find echidnas around Bendigo. Did you know that a young echidna is called a 'puggle'?


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Bendigo Tours


Bendigo Tours

Guide to Tours in Bendigo

Take a Bendigo tour and you will soon discover the history that has made this Central Victorian gold mining town one of the most popular holiday and tourism destinations in regional Victoria. There are Bendigo heritage and history tours, Bendigo winery tours, Bendigo gold rush tours, Bendigo town tours, Mine tours, Four wheel drive tours, Bendigos historic tramways tours and a wide range of tours which welcome families, groups, couples and singles alike. Find and book all of your tours of Bendigo in the following pages.

Adventure Tours

When you want to add a bit of adventure and excitment to your stay in Bendigo then start here to find all the best adventure tours and activities to get involved in. Activities include, but are not limited to canoeing, rock climbing, ballooning, motor sports and more. More info...

Adventure Tours
Bendigo Guided Tours

Guided Tours

A guided tour of Bendigo will help you discover some of the many secrets that have made this town one of Australia's most enjoyable regional cities. You will find the local guides informative and enthsiastic, and always with a tale to tell about their favourite city and it's characters. More info...

Self Guided Tours

Which ever way you look there is something new to discover in Bendigo. An easy going and friendly regional city, Bendigo has been built is such a way that invites you to wander the streets at your own leisure, discovering old buildings and historic sites. Maybe even do a bit of shopping, stop for lunch or a snack and continue your own self guided tour of Bendigo. More info...

Bendigo Self Guided Tours
  • Bendigo Self Guided Tours  ( 5 items )


    Bendigo Tours

    Self Guided Tours of Bendigo

    Guide yourself around the streets on Bendigo or discover one of the towns historic icons.

  • Bendigo Guided Tours  ( 5 items )



     Guided Tours 

    When you arrive in Bendigo be sure to book yourself in with one of the cities tour guides. In a short amount of time you will learn and discover many interesting facts and stories from these passionate local and regional guides.

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    Adventure Tours 

    When you like to include a bit of adventure and adrenelin in your day then here is the place to start.

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